ABT Clay Pigeon Shooting

Competitive and Non-Competitive ABT Clay Pigeon Shooting available within County Durham

An Automatic Ball Trap (ABT) squad consists of six shooters with only one target shot at each stand before moving to the right for the next target. Two shots are allowed at each target but unlike Down the Line (DTL), either shot scores equally. ABT targets are faster and have a greater range of angles and heights than DTL. They are thrown on random trajectories from a single trap in front of the centre stand.

So, in a nutshell, it is very similar to DTL but instead of the trap oscillating left and right it also oscillates vertically and most importantly the speed and the angles are more extreme.


Our ABT Clay Pigeon Competitions in Durham

The TGC has several members who has competed at county level and for the England team, and there are members from all over County Durham who travel just to compete at ABT.

There are several ABT competitions throughout the summer, usually once per month on a Monday evenings and the first Thursday of each month April to August. View our upcoming fixtures.

ABT Clay Pigeon FAQS

No, there is no age limit to enter.

There is no standard of level of ability to shoot. We welcome all levels.

It is down to the individuals confidence.

No, you can enter for practice only if individuals want.

No you don't need to be a member of the Teesdale Gun Club.

But only members get to win the competition trophy.

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