The traditional Down the Line (DTL) shooting layout is set up with 5 stands in a crescent shape 16 yards from a traphouse, which throws a random target from an oscillating trap between 0 and 22.5 degrees to either side of a centre post, set 50–55 yards from the traphouse. The clay should always be on a common trajectory for height, even though it is variable in horizontal angle. The average speed for a down the line clay target leaving the traphouse is usually 42 mph +/- 1 mph.

The scoring of points is 3 points for first barrel kill, 2 points for a second barrel kill, 0 points for a lost target. A perfect score is therefore 100 targets each 'killed' with the first barrel, total 300 points. The 100/300 is a real achievement, the 4-minute mile or the 147 break of the trap shooter.


Scores are expressed with number of kills followed by number of points e.g. 98/292 would mean 2 birds missed completely and a total of 8 points dropped due to having second barrelled 2 including missing 2. Competitions are decided only by points, so this score would beat a 100/291.

The competition is shot in 'squads' of a maximum of 5 shooters occupying the 5 stands which are also called pegs. These squads are not usually teams as such, but groups of individual shooters shooting in turn i.e. Competitor 1 on peg 1 shoots 1 target; then competitor 2 on peg 2; etc. until each has shot 5 targets from each peg. They then move one peg to the right before shooting a further 5 shots in turn from that peg and so on until 5 shots have been taken from all 5 pegs, the 25 targets on that layout (aka trap).

DTL is perhaps the 'easier' single shot to make of any clay shooting discipline, but the result is an incredibly high standard of competition. Even a small club shoot will see almost perfect scores posted by the better shots, so concentration and mental strength are the real talents displayed by competitors.

Our Down the Line Clay Pigeon Competitions in Durham

DTL is at the TGC as this is a recognised competition world wide and most people are attracted to this type of competition.

The DTL is available most weeks throughout the summer months ( beginning of April to end of August) and every 2 weeks September through end of March (view our upcoming fixtures).

Down the Line FAQS

No, there is no age limit to enter.

There is no standard of level of ability to shoot. We welcome all levels.

It is down to the individuals confidence.

No, you can enter for practice only if individuals want.

No you don't need to be a member of the Teesdale Gun Club.

But only members get to win the competition trophy.

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