Sporting is shooting clay targets from strategic places around the club ground and all from different angles, heights and speeds.

Teesdale Gun Club have 10 different targets from 5 different stands. All targets are altered on a frequent basis to offer individuals a bit more to think about when shooting clay targets, makes it more fun and challenging.


Our Sporting Clay Pigeon Competitions in Durham

Sporting is available every week during the summer months and every other week during the winter months, most have competitions available to enter. View our upcoming fixtures.

Teesdale Gun Club Sporting Clay Pigeon FAQS

No, there is no age limit to enter.

There is no standard of level of ability to shoot. We welcome all levels.

It is down to the individuals confidence.

No, you can enter for practice only if individuals want.

No you don't need to be a member of the Teesdale Gun Club.

But only members get to win the competition trophy.

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