Flush Clay Pigeon Shooting Challenge

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A flush shoot is normally a team event and most commonly made up of 2 to 4 people, who all simultaneously shoot at clay targets.

These targets are normally set to replicate game, although in recent years the course setters have become more and more adventurous with regards to the type of clays thrown. A layout will generally have multiple traps, all set in varying directions. The clay pigeons can be released in various ways, the most common is a rolling flush. This is when the clays are fired continuously until the set number is reached, and this is normally controlled by an electronic remote.

The speed between releases can be set on these remotes to giving the shooters time to load. The number of clays on the layout will normally be between 50-100 clays.

Our Flush Clay Pigeon Challenge in Durham

The TGC do not hold "Flush" competitions but is available the first Thursday of each month from April to August. View our upcoming fixtures).

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