Archived Results

Sun 14th Feb 2016

Teesdale Landrover Shield

50 DTL

1st A Morrow 136/150

2nd F Lowrison 136/150

3rd N Mitchell 134/150

4th A Holmes 134/150

50 Bird Sporting

1st F Lowrison 44/50

2nd A Morrow 41/50

3rd Jim Watt 39/50

4th P Thompson 39/50

Sat 5th March 2016

Results from our end of season Clay Pigeon Syndicate Shoot on Saturday 5th March, picture attached.

Following the end of the game shooting season four syndicates from the area joined together to catch up and share their experience’s in the field at Teesdale Gun Club for their annual Syndicate Clay Pigeon Shoot get together.

The competition was ran over 25 ABTand 25 SPORTING both of which proved to be difficult targets for those less experienced in clay pigeon shooting, but an enjoyable day was still had by all that attended.


Black Banks 128
John Scott 22/23
Paul Marwood 19/19
Martyn Hutchinson 22/17
Andrew Walker 18/17
Keith Kipling 21/22
Tim Tinkler 22/18

Auckside 94
William Marwood 10/12
Tim Gargett 6/7
G. Wilson 8/14
Ted McFarlane 21/20
James Swinbank 11/20

Stotley Grange 83
Nigel Mitchell 18/18
Josh Rayner 10/10
Stuart Makepeace 11/16
Eugene Tully 5/1
G. Saulsby 6/10
John Blackburn 8/9

Marwood 58
Phil Dent 10/20
Robert Morrel 2/6
Dave Crisp 6/14
Top Gun on the day for both deciplines went to experienced clay shooter John Scott for his score of 22/25 on ABT and 23/25 on Sporting.

Our next shoot is on Sunday 13th March at 12pm and is in aid of Eggleston Holy Trinity Church, a warm welcome awaits you.

2015-2016 Sydicate Winners Black Banks

Summer Season

Monday 4th April 2016

Vaux Cup 25 DTL

Won by:- J Laverick 75/75

Monday 11th April

Stephen Mitchell Memorial 50 bird Sporting

Won by:- F Lowrison 39/50

J Oliver 38/50

One of our youngest members Josh Rayner shoot a good score of 35/50

Monday 18th April 2016

Veterans Trophy 25 DTL

Won by Colin Liddell 74/75

Mon 25th April 2016

Norman Field Cup 25 DTL

Won by David Priestman 75/75

Horden Grouse Cup 25 Sporting Juniors

Won by Josh Rayner 17/25

Mon 2nd May 2016

G. W. Robinson Memorial Shield 25DTL
Colin Liddell 75/75
Adam Holmes 75/75
Colin won after a shoot off, and Adam presents the Trophy

Mon 9th May 2016

M.R. Robson Cup 25DTL
Dave Priestman 75/75
Colin Liddell 75/75
Dave Priestman won after a shoot off, Colin present the trophy to Dave.

Mon 16th May 2016

Laverick Plant Hire 25DTL Challenge/Junior Challenge Cup 10DTL
John Laverick 75/75
Mel Wigham 75/75
John Laverick won after a shoot off
Junior Challenge Cup 10 DTL
Josh Rayer 26/30
Trophy’s presented by Ted McFarlane


Mon 23rd May 2016

R.R Brown Trophy 25DTL/ Veterans 25 Sporting Challenge
R.R. Brown Trophy 25 DTL
Frank Lowrison 75/75
David Priestman 75/75
David Priestman won after shoot off
Veterans 25 Sporting Challenge
Ted McFarlane 18/25
Trophies presented by Josh Rayner

Barnard Castle Meet Cups & Ladies Zetland Hunt Tankard


Adults 25ABT (Barny Meet Cup)
David Priestman 24/25

Juniors 10ABT (Barny Meet Cup)
Josh Rayner 7/10

Ladies 25ABT (Zetland Hunt Tankard)
Jacquie Hammond 19/25

Following a busy night of 13 Lines of Automatic Ball Trap and the Sporting stands being full of activity, a shoot off was required to decide a winner for the 2016 Adults Barny Meet Cup.

Three top shooters and long standing members of Teesdale Gun Club all set the presedence with scores of 24 kills from 25 clays. Frank Lowrison, Colin Liddle and David Priestman battled it out over a shoot off with the trophy going to England DTL Shooter David Priestman.

Barny Meet Cups 2016

Mon 6th June 2016

F & G Tinkler Challenge Cup 25DTL


Winner Adam Holmes held his nerve to secure the trophy following a three man shoot off against David Priestman and John Laverick who all produced a top score of 75/75 blasting all 25 clays with thier first shot from the barrels.



Frank Lowrison 44/50

A family gathering at Teesdale Gun Club secured this weeks sporting trophy, Both Frank and His Wife Emma Lowrison took part in the sporting challenge along with a host of friends and members of the club whilst their daughter Jessica spectated and learned how to take scores in between blowing ballons up ready to present to her dad with the trophy. Although the weather was poor with a low cold mist of rain it didnt dampen any of the shooters skills.

TGC 50 Sporting Challenge Cup 2016 Frank Lowrison

Mon 20th June 2016

Kinninvie Cup 25DTL


John Laverick won with a straight score of 75/75

Excellent scores also achieved from two of our youngest members who are both showing great potential for their futures in Clay Pigeon Shooting;

2nd Place went to Josh Rayner a young shot at the age of 14 who is showing great potential and producing some excellent score in Down The Line shooting, he scored an impressive 74/75 on the night, halving only 1 clay out of the 25 pulled.

Adam Holmes who is 20yrs old produced a score of 71/75 in the DTL Disipline placing him 3rd, Adam who predominatly shoots Automatic Ball Trap has produced some excellent scores in his chosen discipline over the last few months building his confidence in the sport. He is currently preparing to attend the North of England 200ABT Selection shoot at Bywell Shooting Ground on 9th & 10th of July, were he has the ability to qualifying to attend the 200ABT English Open at Beverley Clay Target Centre.

The club would like to say Thank you to all our Members, Visitors and Supporters who are encouraging both these two young shooters in thier chosen disciplines. Good Luck Adam from all your fellow shooters at Bail Hill.

Sunday 22 Jan 2017

McFarlane Family Butchers Trophy 25 DTL

Won by Ted McFarlane with Score of 75/75

50 Bird Sporting

Won by Nigel Mitchell after Shoot off with David Brannen with score 42/50

Sunday 19th Feb 2017

The Results for Teesdale Landrover Shield are:-
Overall High Gun Frank Lowrison with combined score of 183/200
DTL results:-
1st Ted McFarlane 136/150
2nd Nigel Mitchell 130/150
3rd Dave Brannen 129/150
4th Adam Holmes 127/150
Sporting Results
1st Dave Brannen 37/50
2nd Adam Holmes 33/50
3rd Steve Armstrong 31/50
4th Chris Henshaw 29/50
Thanks to all who took part and Thanks to Teesdale Landrover’s

Monday 3rd April 2017

Vaux Cup 25 DTL won by Dave Priestman 74/75

Monday 10th April

Stephen Mitchell Memorial Trophy 50 Sporting won by Peter Henderson 36/50

Cowen Bellezz Trophy 25DTL won by Dave Priestman 75/75

Monday 17th April

Veterans Trophy 25 DTL won by Colin Liddell 74/75

Monday 24th April

Norman Field Cup 25 DTL won by Colin Liddell 75/75

Monday 1st May

G. W. Robinson Memorial Shield 25DTL won by Frank Lowrison 75/75

Hordon Grouse 25 Sporting Juniors won by Josh Rayner 16/25

Monday 8th May

M.R. Robson Cup 25DTL results:-
Dave Priestman 75/75
John Scott 75/75
Dave Brannen 75/75
Colin Liddlle 75/75
Colin won after a shoot off, another good night thanks to all came to support our club !!!
Ted McFarlane presenting Colin with his trophy !!!

Monday 15th May

Laverick Plant Hire 25DTL Challenge won by John Laverick 75/75

Junior Challenge Cup 10DTL won by Josh Rayner 26/30

Monday 22nd May

R.R Brown Trophy 25DTL won by Colin Liddell 75/75

25 Sporting Challenge Veterans won by Dave Brannen 21/25

Monday 29th May

Barney Meet Cups 25ABT Adult/10ABT Junior

25 ABT Colin Liddell 24/25
John Laverick 24/25
Bobby Guy 24/25
Colin Liddell won after a shoot off !
25 ABT junior Josh Rayner 18/25
Well done to our winners and thanks to everyone who turned up tonight on a damp bank holiday !!!!
Trophy’s presented by Ted McFarlane

Monday 5th June

F&G Tinkler Challenge Cup 25DTL won by Colin Liddell 75/75

Monday 12th June

TGC 50 Sporting Competition won by Jim Watts 46/50

Monday 19th June

Kinninvie Cup 25DTL

Dave Priestman 75/75, Colin Liddell 75/75 Colin won after Shoot off. Trophy presented by Jackie Hammond.

Monday 26th June

J.R. Christon Memorial Cup 50ABT

1st Bobby Guy 50/50
2nd Frank Lowrison 48/50
3rd Colin Liddell 47/50

Monday 3rd July

Silver Goblet 50 Sporting (committee only) Open 25ABT Competition

Open 25 ABT was won by Adam Holmes 25/25

Silver Goblet 50 Sporting (committee only) was won by Josh Rayner after a shoot off with Nigel Mitchell both scored 33/50 well done to them both

Monday 10th July

Novice cup 25 DTL was won by Tony Brittain 64/75
Maurice Cleaver Cup 25 DTL Colts was won by Josh Rayner 73/75
Tony presented Josh with his Trophy, & Josh presented Tony with his Trophy

Monday 17th July

Vale of Tees Team Shoot 25DTL

Nigel Cook 74 x 75, Peter Henderson 66 x 75, Barry Elliott 70 x 75, John Laverick 74 x 75, Dave Magill 69 x 75. Total 353

Monday 24th July

Morris Grange Rose Bowl 25DTL Super Veterans won by J D Peart 74/75

Sunday 23rd July

A good Day today Charity shoot for Butterwick Hospice, 25 Sporting Results :-
1st John Hutchinson 22/25
2nd K Handley 21/25
3rd Nigel Mitchell 20/25
Thanks to everyone who came and supported the event !!!

Monday 31st July

Johnson Brown Field Sports Challenge 25sporting & 25DTL

was won by Dave Brannen with 73/75 on DTL and 23/25 on the Sporting, Trophy presented by Barry Sketchley

Monday 7th August

Tommy Bunting memorial shoot 25DTL Adult

Results 25 DTL Adults
Colin Liddell 74/75
Dave Brannen 74/75
Nigel Cook 74/75
Dave Magill 74/75
Dave Magill won after a Shoot off

Junior 25 DTL

Result Josh Rayner 66/75

TGC Colts 25 Sporting Competition

Result George Laverick 18/25


Mon 7th 18:00 Tommy Bunting memorial shoot 25DTL Adult & Junior / TGC Colts 25 Sporting Competition

Results 25 DTL Adults
Colin Liddell 74/75
Dave Brannen 74/75
Nigel Cook 74/75
Dave Magill 74/75
Dave Magill won after a Shoot off
Junior 25 DTL
Josh Rayner 66/75
Colts 25 Sporting
George Laverick 18/25

Mon 14th 18:00 J.W. Nickerson Memorial Shoot 25DTL

Won by Ted McFarlane 74/75

Mon 21st 18:00 Bill Embleton Trophy 25DTL


Ted McFarlane 75/75
Colin Liddell 75/75
Colin won after a shoot off.
Trophy presented by Josh Rayner who shot a 74/75 to come 3rd.

Mon 28th 16:00 FEW & H Single Barrel Trophy 25DTL (Bank Holiday)

Won by Colin Liddell 25/25



Mon 4th 16:00 Eric Wilkinson Memorial Cup 50ABT (Dark Nights)

Our last shoot of the summer season was in Memory of  Mr Eric Wilkinson, a founder member of the club which he started along with friends in 1970. Following recent improvments to the grounds infrastructure,  the current committee all agread to commemorate Mr Wilkinsons devotion to the club by inviting his family to officially open the new cover for the DTL stand which has been dedicated in Memory of Eric. A new trophy was also purchased to compliment the evening so that Eric’s commitment to the club will live on for many years to come.

The competition for the night was 50 Automatic Ball Trap, with many competitors all striving to have their name inscribed on this well sort after trophy, following some excellent scores being produced and some stiff competition from some very experienced shooters the night ended with a shoot off between two of the clubs youngest members, both of which are showing great potential in the sport of Clay pigeon shooting. Eric would have been thrilled to see these two shoot at the level they are at such young ages.

15 year old Josh Rayner who is ranked 1st for Durham and the North of England in the colts category of ABT and Adam Holmes who at 21years of age has just returned from Ireland with Junior High Gun after representing England in the Home International ABT Team, both produced a score of 48 out of a potential 50 on the night, putting them at logger heads for a tense 10 clay shoot off, as the darkness started to fall Adam secured the title following a fallen clay by Josh at the 9th target. Very impressive to watch, the prestigious trophy was presented to Adam by the family of Mr Wilkinson who said they had thoroughly enjoyed the evening and wished the club many more years for success.

Winter Fixtures 2017/18


Sun 24th 12pm Open Air Ambulance Fundraising Shoot (Last entry 4pm)


Sun 1st 12pm Sporting Super Sunday/J.R. Teasdale Shield 25DTL

Sun 15th 12pm Practice Shooting

Sun 29th 12pm Open Fundraiser Shoot in Aid of St Mary’s Church in Middleton in Teesdale.


Sun 12th 12pm Sporting Super Sunday/M.R Robson Electricity Services Ltd Shield 25DTL

Sun 26th 12pm Practice Shooting


Sun 10th 12pm Sporting Super Sunday/Eastern Pennines Team Shoot 25DTL

Sun 17th 12pm TGC Xmas Shoot (Bring a Prize Win a Prize) 1st 2nd 3rd Christmas Hampers


Sun 7th 12pm Sporting Super Sunday/McFarlanes Family Butchers Trophy

Results for Sun Jan7th 2018 Sporting Super Sunday/McFarlanes Family Butchers Trophy:-
McFarlane Family Butcher Trophy 25 DTL was won by Josh Rayner 74/75 after a Shoot off with Dave Brannen.
Trophy presented to Josh by Club Chairman ( and Josh’s Grandfather) Nigel Mitchell
25 Sporting competition was won by Martyn Hutchinson 21/25 equal second was Nigel Mitchell and Ted McFarlane with 20/25.